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“Certified Senior Advisors (CSA’s) have supplemented their individual professional licenses, credentials and education with knowledge about aging and working with seniors. Know what those licenses, credentials and education signify. The CSA designation alone does not imply expertise in financial, health or social matters. Details:

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One’s Quality of Life depends on careful consideration when faced with difficult decisions.

There are many options, choices and hard decisions that may need to be made during the ‘elder’ years.  

The journey is not over for this population in most cases it is just a matter of taking a different path.

Visit the sites listed below for information and help. If you don’t find what you are looking for, or need more guidance; please contact me. I would be glad to help you find what you need.

"Hope for the Journey"

Hope for the Journey CD Cover Pati Rader

The CD "Hope for the Journey" was inspired through the passing of my father who wanted to hear me sing to him without stopping. It has provided peaceful and assuring music for those who are nearing the end of their life's journey, battling affliction, or enduring life's difficultiies.

If my voice can brighten up the corner of one's life,  provide encouragement, or awaken the impaired mind then I will have fulfilled my goal of making a difference in the lives and hearts of others.

"Hope for the Journey" contains a gentle collection of Familiar Hymns and readings to encourage and provide hope along life's journey. Click on CD to hear samples.

Available on most major  music sites; ITunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc.

Home Safety and Fall  Prevention

Many seniors that want to live in the comfort and privacy of their own homes, too often end up elsewhere due to a minor mishap that could have been avoided.

There are simple steps and precautions that can be taken to avoid such mishaps. You can access a check off list here put out by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Most senior care professionals can provide a brief home assessment and recommendations when they visit the home.

The Elder Services Network provides information, connections, resources, and more to professionals in the Elder Services Industry.

As Director of the Elder Services Network, I have access to many outstanding professionals who are committed to helping seniors.

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