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“Certified Senior Advisors (CSA’s) have supplemented their individual professional licenses, credentials and education with knowledge about aging and working with seniors. Know what those licenses, credentials and education signify. The CSA designation alone does not imply expertise in financial, health or social matters. Details:

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Certified Senior Advisor®

I want to humbly and most graciously tip my hat to the countless ones who have invested their lives, hearts and souls into the care, support and defense of our elder population. Their commitment, support, energy wisdom and strength is truly inspiring.

Before being thrust into this industry I was ignorant and blind to the many challenges our senior population face each day. From where and when to sign up for or receive services, to finding the most appropriate and affordable options of care and housing.

Becoming a Certified Senior Advisor has become a part of my own journey and mission in life to help and encourage others. I am honored and thankful to be a member of this association of professionals who strive towards excellence in their services for seniors.

My goal in helping seniors and their family members is to listen, encourage and provide information or resources that can help them navigate through the maze of senior care and living choices.

On the other side of my mother’s journey,  I believe that I have found my own calling in serving and helping others. Whether it be through the resources and connections I offer to consumers, or marketing and event consulting to those who provide services to others; I am combining what I have learned, experienced and gained to help others in their own journey or care and/or success.

Becoming a Certified Senior Advisor

Pati Rader at Casa Coloma Health Care Center

Pati Rader with mother

Personal Blog “A Journey of Care”

My Journey

Through my mother's sudden need for help and intervention, I was quickly thrust into the senior care and living environment. It was a long and difficult process that literally took me through various levels of care, housing options, and financial considerations.

In my own quest for answers, solutions, information and direction regarding elder care I realized first-hand the significant need for help when beginning the journey of care for a loved one. My hope is that this website will make a difference for others in their search for help. And encourage others in their own journey.

What I learned and gained through the Journey of Care with my mother has significantly impacted my  professional consulting practice. I understand how the client and loved one feels, what they experience and why they make the decisions they do. Well most of the time anyway. And how very important the marketing process is from that first impression to the day they make a commitment.

When it comes to helping others with their marketing, image branding, events, consulting and coaching; I take into consideration the intended audience and future client. How will they ‘feel’ about the look, message and overall experience. From that first impression to their satisfied client relationship, I see the whole picture and approach marketing with the goal of that satisfied client in mind.

Helping others grow their business is very personal to me as  I see my consulting as an investment into a product or service that is needed, valuable and important. And just as I  was looking for help and answers, I approach each client in this same way. How can you be seen, heard, understood, remembered, and  trusted?  From a simple project to a comprehensive marketing plan and everywhere in between, I tailor my services to what the client needs at the time.

Helping Others Grow Their Business

Life Enrichment through Meaningful Activities